​​​​​​​​​I'm thrilled to announce that my community art project--The Fingerprint Project--has received a CNY Arts grant for 2018! Beginning in June, I will use local clay to create a ceramic vessel that the residents of Madison County will decorate, one fingerprint at a time, to create a permanent visual depiction of a community working together to make art. 

This project is purposefully "low tech" with the design concept involving nothing more than a pot, black acrylic paint, and human touch. This vessel will travel quite a bit to meet the people of Madison County, and during that time, I will enjoy telling the story of how it came to be made, my approach to art, and the unifying concept of the project: that no matter our differences, each of us gets to leave an equal and enduring mark on this pot--a record of our existence in this world, and for many I hope, a connection to each other and to art as a medium for personal expression.

I have scheduled an Open Studio on September 4th and October 13th in support of the Fingerprint Project, with the grand finale of the project during my Holiday Open Studio on the weekend of October 20-21.  People are welcome to stop by my studio to add their fingerprint to the piece and then take part in any number of fun art activities that I have planned on those dates. My ceramic gallery is always open for shopping when the studio is open.

If you run an organization in Madison County and would like to schedule a time for me to do a presentation for your group, please contact me at 315-750-5022.

I am a full-time artist, so you will find me in my studio whenever I am not on the road at an art show. If you'd like to stop by to purchase pottery from my gift gallery, just call in advance so you know I'll be there: 315-750-5022.

The gallery items change throughout the year as I make new pieces. Expect to find many one of a kinds from my Signature collections as well as a substantial selection of seconds, experimental pieces, and discontinued lines for you bargain shoppers. I love to do custom work, so if you desire a unique piece for yourself or to give as a gift, let's discuss the details so I can get started on your project.​​

Fingerprint Project 

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I have opened my Pittsburgh studio and gallery! If you'd like to see my work in person, please email me via the contact page to set up an appointment.