Visit my studio and ceramic gallery in Pittsburgh, PA beginning in September 2020

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Bark Series ~ Functional serving pieces and vases featuring earthy, deeply textured exteriors

Artifacts ~ Unique ceramic and bone pieces that honor the traditions of artists from around the globe.

Polish Pottery ~ Dinnerware in beautifully handpainted blue and white motifs

LGG Creative Art ~ Pottery and Bone Carving

Tiny Pots ~ ​These tiny treasures make perfect gifts. Use them for rings or pills near the sink, salt cellars, bridesmaid gifts, wedding favors, teacher gifts, stocking stuffers. So many uses!

Dollhouse Miniatures 1:12 Scale 

Vintage Florals

​​Cherry Blossoms ~ Functional pieces featuring deeply carved flowers & branches: matte or gloss finish.

Metallics ~ Intricately carved functional pottery and decorative wall art

Sculptural Designs~ Wheelthrown and altered forms for the modern home or office

Color Shot Series ~ Simple yet bold shots of color to brighten your home

Bone Jewelry ~ One of a kind jewelry carved out of naturally sourced feathers, bone, quills, and more

Botanicals~ Sophisticated functional pieces handpainted and carved in black and white floral motifs.

Etched Landscapes

Pit-Fired ~ Sculptural horses and vessels fired with horse hair in an earthen firing pit.

Bone Carvings ~ Sculptural art carved out of naturally sourced animal bone

Beautiful.  Functional.  Unique.