LGG Creative Art ~ Pottery and Bone Carving

Beautiful.  Functional.  Unique.

It is an honor for me to make custom pieces, and I very much enjoy working on projects that are different from what I create to sell at art shows. If you see something on my site that catches your eye, I am happy to remake it as it appears or put a similar design on a different shape, change the color, etc.  The sky is the limit with custom orders.

Here are some details that we will discuss about your order:

     1.   Where will you use or display the piece--home or business?

     2.   Are you interested in a particular line of my pottery or is
           there something unique you'd like to discuss?

     3.   Do you have a particular shape, color, size, quantity in mind?

     4.   Will the piece have a functional purpose, or is it an art piece?

     5.   Do you have a need-by date?

The next step is to give me a call (315-750-5022), send me an email at LGGCreativeArt@gmail.com, stop by my studio to talk with me in person, or seek me out any any of the shows that I will attend this year (see Upcoming Art Shows tab).  Based on the details above, I will give you a quote for the cost of the project and an estimate of the time I'll need to complete your order.

If you already know the basics of what you'd like, please visit my Etsy page and follow the link to place a custom order: www.etsy.com/shop/LGGCreativeArt      

Here are just a few of the custom pieces I've made recently. What can I make for you?