Custom wedding platters, goblets, vases, etc. with your special date on the bottom

Custom urns

LGG Creative Art ~ Pottery and Bone Carving

Beautiful.  Functional.  Unique.

Your favorite bird, flower, or tree painted on a tile, vase, or platter

So many styles, sizes, and finishes for custom mugs, cups, chalices, and drinkware sets!

I enjoy the collaborative process of creating something unique for people's homes and/or businesses and have made hundreds of custom pieces since staring my art business in 2014, including full dinnerware sets, funeral urns, mug/chalice sets, wedding platters, customized wedding favors, bone jewelry, udus, and wall weapons. What can I make for you?

The commission process: If you see something on my website or Etsy site that catches your eye, I am happy to remake it as it appears, put a similar design on a different shape, change the color or size, etc.  Basically, the sky is the limit with custom orders.

Here are some details that we will discuss:

     1.   Where will you use or display the piece? Feel free to send                    photos your home or business.

     2.   Are you interested in a piece from a particular line of my                     pottery or are you looking for something unique?

     3.   Do you have a shape, color, size, quantity in mind?

     4.   Will the piece have a functional purpose, or is it an art piece?

     5.   Do you have a need-by date?
     6.   What is your budget?

The next step is to give me a call (315-750-5022), send me an email at, stop by my studio to talk with me in person, or seek me out any any of the shows that I will attend this year (see Where to Buy My Pottery tab).  Based on the details above, I will give you a quote for the cost of the project and an estimate of the time I'll need to complete it.

Payment is half of the total cost up front (not including shipping, if applicable) with the remainder due upon completion.

Contact me at 315-750-5022 to discuss your ideas. And remember: If you can dream it, I can make it!